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The corporate Logo acts as a company banner on the mass and busy battle given at the advertising level. The company representation before public’s eyes is essential due to three main reasons: identification, distinction and recognition. These three matters will be dealt with below to make them clear and be fully aware of the Logo function. Being aware of its strong points, we will be able to approach differently our corporate Logo design development because we will be aware of what needs to be highlighted and what does not. The information below will be an ideal creation level.

Identification: the corporate Logo fulfills the function of identifying the company it belongs to. This element is in charge of conveying a message, a series of concepts from the company to the public so that the consumers have a good image of it and can be related to the firm trough a relation of consistency of ideas. That is to say, the Logo seeks to convey a message the public will acknowledge as a representation of values it shares with the company and that is why it will choose to buy its products or hire its services. On the other hand, the message conveyed by a corporate Logo will incredibly help in every advertising campaign: this representative image can make a small company be introduced before the public as a big company just by using advertising ítems typical of the Logo. In short, the Logo identifying function will allow a company to have a face; it will be the field where consumers choose what relation to have with it, based on what the face suggests to them. However, we should not forget the sub function within the identifying function: guarantor. The corporate logo guarantees the quality of the products made by a certain company. This graphic item will be one of the first things verified by a potential customer before buying a certain product.

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Differentiation: a good Logo design will appropriately distinguish a company from its competitors. What does "appropriately" mean? Well, good. Let’s suppose we are talking about a big field, having lot of producers, products and a long tradition. In this case, a company distinction from its competitors must not be full and categorical because, if it is so, the public would not recognize that company as part of the field it belongs to. In this case, a distinction is needed to indicate that the company offers other things, better prices, etc.than its competitors but that it undeniably belongs to the field. Another case may be a new field on the market, having few producers and no tradition. There, everybody will innovate and your Logo will make that the company lead the market with the latest ideas and making a marked difference with its competitors. In this last case, since the field does not have a tradition, the design will have the responsibility of giving an image to its company and, through it (since it is a pioneer) to the field in itself. All fields have a root idea, a concept present in all the Logo designs of the companies belonging to this field. For example, all beekeeping companies’ Logos refer to bees in some way and they usually have designs using black, yellow and green colors.

Recognition: the Logo is a graphic-visual item and, as such, is an object, a material thing. Given the increase on small and medium businesses and the shameless market growth, companies ARE not their staff, offices, factories or owners any longer. Companies have disappeared from material world to become ideas, concepts, nerve impulses on consumers’ brains. Nowadays, with the companies being intangible, it is urgently necessary to give the public a material item to grab so as to recognize a company as such, to be able to say “this is the company, here it is”. This material element filling the gap is the corporate Logo. The Logo will be the visible, tangible, reproducible item people will directly associate with the company, it will be the item on their minds categorically and impetuously saying "here we are". That is why we say that the Logo must be highly memorable and clear, because it will otherwise diminish its power, and with it, its benefit.

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