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When a corporate Logo design work is put forward, one immediately thinks on the designer. This is not, of course, a mistake but it is a serious omission. The designer is in charge of converting what the customer wants to convey into graphic signs. For a Logo to be efficient, the way the message is conveyed should be appropriate and also the message must be, firstly, attractive and beneficial for the company. The customer will take care of that, eventually supported by Marketing and Advertising professionals.

Before talking about what you need to think about to design your Logo, it is important to make clear that whatever you wish, it will need to be clear and accurate. You will need to do it for your Logo’s good but also because otherwise the designer will need to guess what you want and we all know designers are very skilled when using graphic tools but very bad as regards divinatory powers. That is why it is very important that, when telling the designer "I want the Logo to transmit this, this and this", these things are very clear so that he is just restricted to convert them into signs. A very common mistake is to believe that the designers needs to think about these matters on his own and the customer just tells him vaguely that he wants something. This is not true. The designer only converts ideas into signs; he does not create those ideas, the customer and marketing experts take care of that.

As regards choice of values, ideas and aims you want your corporate Logo to transmit we will say they must be accurate, clear, attractive, coherent and limited things.

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Accurate: accuracy is the concept helping recipients to stand in front of your Logo knowing for sure they are getting the correct message.

Clear: clarity when communicating ideas help to avoid wasting time decoding riddles that, most of the times, nobody wastes time and effort to solve.

Attractive: when the ideas put forward are attractive, they are suitable for a Logo. A non-attractive thing may be included in your corporate identity because it is important for you to convey that idea, but it cannot belong to the Logo, the greatest company exponent.

Coherent: coherence when putting ideas forward is essential to be serious. Suggesting things having nothing to do with the branch your company deals with will make it look absurd before the public.

Limited: a Logo must have two or three concepts to transmit. It is never convenient to make a list of ideas, values and aims because it will be not only confusing but impossible to carry out by the designer.

If these basic requirements are fulfilled, everything else depends on your imagination ability and skill as regards potential customers’ interests. There is nothing we can do to guide you on what specific things you could choose for your Logo because everything depends on what type of company it is. But if you take into account what we said, you will able to achieve great things and a very good corporate Logo. We just need to tell you that if you prefer to pass the task to somebody else or need help to carry it out, you can hire Marketing experts to help you a lot with this.

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