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Corporate logo has there classic types: logotype, isotype and isologotype. Each of them has certain features, advantages and disadvantages. In this section, we will describe the there types and evaluate its convenience in each case.

Logotype: this type of Logo is composed of typography and puts the icon aside. In this case, the most important thing is to focus the attention on the two ways in which the message is conveyed within a logotype. The first way for the words to convey a message is through its verbal material: sounds and words containing concepts. This is the classic way to think about words. However, if it were the only way, there would not be thousands and thousands font types. The shape of the fonts composing words conveys a message parallel to the verbal one, a graphic message. A certain typography refers to something different from the others: it can be sobriety, humor, care, etc.; typographies convey endless values that, when appropriately used, will result in a great logo. This type of Logo is clear and does not leave much room for message misinterpretation, even though the lack of icon items does not make it less memorable on consumers' minds than the following type.

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Isotype: this is the type of Logo lacking typography and focusing all its visual expression on the icon. A clear example of isotype is Nike swoosh. The isotype conveys a highly memorable message because it uses figurative items and not words to do it. This makes the public remember it more easily. However, since it is not supported by words, this Logo runs the risk of being too vague and hard to understand. That is why one needs to be very careful when designing an isotype because a balance should be struck between figurative image (visual metaphor) and expressive clarity. We must remember that, for a Logo, it is essential for the message not to be misinterpreted, since if it were, all the other corporate identity items would come into conflict and all the effort made to create a strong and consolidated company image would be lost.

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Isologotype: this is the type of Logo combining isotype and logotype, combining icon and typography. This is the easiest one to be interpreted because it has both elements and can explain one from the other. However, the more complex, elaborate and full of graphic elements the design is, the more difficult to remember it. In this type of Logo, it is important to strike an exact balance between figurative items (images and typographies) and denotative or verbal items (words) to make the message use all necessary denotative elements to be clear but not overuse them, to avoid being overloaded. And, on the other hand, it is important that the figurative image keeps being so and does not lose its figurative nature due to excessive explanation: let´s remember that the metaphoric effect has a great persuasive power. Why? Because a metaphor does not say something directly, it is something interpreted by the recipient. In this way, if your metaphor refers to your company’ success, the recipient will not read somebody saying "my company is successful", but he will see an image from which he will draw "this company is successful" and he cannot rebut himself.

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These are the three classic types of corporate Logos; you and the market research you carry out with the professionals you hire will be responsible for choosing what type is more appropriate. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages and one cannot say that one is definitely better than the other one. That is why only the people responsible will determine what is best in each case.


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