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Corporate identity

A company’s corporate identity is expressed through the different graphic and visual items composing it. All these elements must keep a pattern, a criterion, a parameter, in fact: an identity. The homogeneity all these elements have is the image (identity) the company creates through them. However, all these graphic devices are not created all together, they are created and used when needed according to the company's conditions and different advertising campaigns. Then, since they are not created jointly, one of them is going to be the first one, the one establishing the criterion the others will have to follow and the one designers will need to comply with: that is the Logo. The logo is the item founding the corporate identity not only because it is the first one to be launched into the market with certain products but also because it is the most important one.

The Logo, as we have said, is composed of icon and typography and these two constitutive items are going to set a trend for the subsequent designs. However, these two items are not the only ones involved in setting up the criterion to follow. Color, size, shapes, textures and other complements play a very important role when composing the corporate identity. So much so, that there are studies showing that certain companies are more remembered for the color combination or color used than for its Logo or name.

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When choosing typography for a company’s Logo, you will need to think about what message you want to convey through it: if it is a message of tradition and a classic typography will be used or a innovation message using a specially designed typography, if it is condescending or transgressor, etc. This same procedure will be carried out when choosing each constitutive item for the Logo: icon, color, shape, texture, etc. Having chosen theses things, the other designs should not move too far away from the established criterion because, if they did it, the unique message the company conveys to the public would be scattered on a variety of probably contradictory messages. If a sole and unique message does not exist, the company will never be able to set up an appropriate identity on the market and the public will not have reference points to recognize the company within the market.

The corporate Logo creation carries with it the great responsibility of establishing a criterion to be followed by future designs. The Logo should be the best exponent of a company's identity and the corporate identity items following it should be coherent with him. Visual coherence is respecting a criterion on a design constitution strongly sharing graphic features identifying each other and referring to each other. This coherence tries to create a closed circle limiting the company, set its range of action and its basic features. For example, a corporate Logo using dull colors, thin and soft textures, classic and discreet typography and a sphere as icon can not come together with a, for instance, e-mail template using explosive colors, big and pompous typographies and rough texture. This is useless because the company’s Logo says something and the template says something else, so confusion or even rejection is caused on the recipients because it is clear that whoever likes the first thing does not likes the second one and vice versa. That is why, even though the different items may have certain particular features as regards design, the criterion must be kept throughout all of them. If this does not happen, the corporate identity will not come out as expected.

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