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Your Logo appropriate design is not just the designer’s job: much on the contrary, it necessarily requires your previous work. The Logo is an item conveying a message and this message is the previous work we are talking about. It is necessary to be aware that idea transmission always implies a great effort, that it is difficult to let the designer know the ideas and concepts you wish your corporate Logo to transmit. That is why when you have finally chosen what message to convey, you will need to redouble the effort to convert those ideas into clear and accurate concepts. However, the work begins much earlier: when setting to think about “What do I want to transmit?”.

Of course, everybody wish similar things like prestige, power and reliability, although most companies wish to include other concepts more related to their special features. While many people want to convey a message of tradition and career, others wish an innovation and progress message. Possibilities are endless. Always thinking about what may attract customers, companies seek to be identified with a variety of concepts to transmit. Although all this is very interesting, as the section title shows, it is not what concerns us here. This section deals with the differentiation from its competitors a company looks for. We are going to talk about the most common mistakes: lack of differentiation and excessive differentiation.

Lack of differentiation comes from the small companies’ wish to be related to powerful corporations due to a similar Logo design. This attempt to be confused with the imitated big company does not usually bring about good results since this confusion is just that: a confusion and as such, it could not last longer than the “deception”, until the customer recognizes the copying and the copied: go to the big corporation and disregard the “impostor”. On the other hand, this lack of differentiation prevents it from having its own recognition and possibility of individual growth. That is to say, even though the “deception” may work, your company will be tied to the corporation it imitates and it will only be able to pick up its leftovers.

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Excessive differentiation is the other big mistake. Many companies, having the genuine desire of avoiding the above mentioned mistake and a fervent wish to be unique and highly recognized by the public as such, acquire absolutely innovative designs that have nothing to do with their competitors’ designs. At first sight, this is something great: the company will be unique and recognized as an exception, an oasis in the uniform desert. However, as most oases in the desert, the public will think it is a mirage and will treat it like that, that is to say, ignoring it. Why does this happen? All market fields have a criterion to follow, parameters to move within. These parameters indicate that such company belongs to a certain field and if it moves too far away from them, it will not be recognized as being within it. That is to say, if a design is extremely innovative, it will end up out of the field before the public’s eyes and this would be a disaster.

That is way the designer’s skill and the customer’s appropriate choice imply notoriously distinguishing from the competitors but without ever getting out of the spectrum covering the field they belong to. When you choose what things are going to identify your company and what things are going to distinguish it from its competitors, you will need to do it following these instructions, respecting this balance. Otherwise, the result will be catastrophic. The appropriate way to think about these matters is to think what new things your company can contribute to the field it belongs to. A clear example to round up: a private doctor can offer something the others do not offer, like “fun”. That will undoubtedly distinguish him from its competitors and give him a special place within potential patients’ memory. Nevertheless, the remembrance will remain within potential patients’ memories, but it will be lost because they will never associate “fun” with “medicine” and they will automatically rule this doctor out of their options when choosing the professional that is going to assist their families.

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