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The color

In this short section, we will explain the aspect of Logo design and the design in general, which is very interesting. When you are choosing the color of your Logo from the colors you see on a color palette on a computer screen, you must be aware that these colors are not going to be the same as the ones printed. The same happens if you compare the Logo the designer has given you in digital format with the one printed on your catalogues, personal cards, etc. What happens is that screens and televisions reproduce colors belonging to the RGB color palette (red, green and blue) and the printers work with a CMYK color palette (cyan, magenta, yellow , black). RGB color palette is considerably wider than CMYK and that is why a design made from the first palette will need to modify its colors to near the colors that can be reproduced by the second one.

However, this variation of color (and of course bright) is most of the times imperceptible; you will need to carefully compare both colors to see it. On the other hand, this is not something to will need to worry too much about because it is anyway inevitable: even the multimillionaire corporations have to be subjected to this chromatic flaw because there is no other way to do it.

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Colors are very important on your Logo design because they convey meanings. Meaning transmission through colors is highly beneficial because it is done subconsciously. This means that it is not interpreted as a company message but as a recipient’s subjective feeling, who likes what he sees. Nevertheless, color change produced when transferring from one palette to the other is not abrupt enough to significantly alter what the chosen color or color combination tries to transmit.

To round up, we must make clear that some colors undergo a greater transformation than others, so the change is sometimes absolutely imperceptible, except as regards bright. The matter of bright is caused just because screens and televisions throw light while paper or other printing sensitive surfaces only reflect it. Thus, if you are truly and genuinely interested in making the colors reproduced by screens as similar as possible as the ones reproduced by printing media, you will need to choose colors undergoing less change and avoid those being too far away from CMYK palette.

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