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The purpose of this site is doing an informative trip about the main aspects of the corporate Logo design. Here you will find a guide to optimize the designing job done together with the designer you hire. Of course we do not expect to replace his job but, much on the contrary, help it to be fully achieved. Our aim is to provide you with the necessary knowledge to, on the first place, being to think about how you want your Logo to be, combining what you can learn here with what you wish to represent your company with; secondly, we want to offer you basic information about design issues to communicate better with the designer when talking about the design in itself. The logo is a basic element for your company’s image and that is why the effort of knowing as many things as possible to promote its good development and lead to an optimum design is very worthy. Without dealing with too technical issues, we offer you a set of ideas you would better take into account when starting to think about what Logo you want to become your company’s banner. All we can tell you in this site is a guide, since there is no magic formula to make an outstanding Logo but standards according to which everything is possible if done guided by a professional having creativity, knowledge and experience.

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In the different sections of this site you will find specific issues about what you need to take into account when thinking about how you want your corporate logo to be. Each section deals with a specific topic but altogether they compose the portion of the Logo designing job that belongs to the customer: it is a thematic map that can be really helpful to avoid getting lost among the great number of options and common mistakes made out of ignorance. We will first introduce a complete definition of what a Logo is, together with its main features in What is a logo?. Then, we will deal with how useful this representative image is for the company to work properly. In Logo as foundation we will deal with the importance of the Logo as founder of a graphic-visual criterion, related to values, aims and purposes of the company; that is to say, as a foundation stone for corporate identity. In Types of Logos the three ways to show a Logo are described: logotype, isotype and isologotype. What do you want to transmit? is a section helping you to think about what you really want the public to see in your company, what is more beneficial and how to do it. In Competitors, the advantages or disadvantages of having a Logo similar to your competitor’s are exposed and its relation to the field where your company acts. Finally, in Color and printing, we will develop technical issues referring to color variation in the different media where the Logo is used.

We thank you very much for your visit and we hope to be as helpful as possible. You are welcome to this Logo design site and we invite you to walk with us this path you have embarked on. We wish you good luck in your new project.

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